What We Recycle
What we recycle

The most common materials that we recycle are listed below but we regularly review this list as our clients look for ways to increase their recycling rates. Our separate collection service ensures that the recycling we collect from our clients is of a high quality. 

The quality of our material means that it's highly valued by UK reprocessors. Using UK reprocessors means that Changeworks Recycling and our clients are supporting the local and Circular economy. 

Food tins and drink cans
All types of steel and aluminium cans.
Mixed glass
Glass bottles and jars only, colours can be mixed.
Office paper, magazines, newspapers and windowed envelopes, hard and soft back books. Staples and paperclips don't need to be removed, if it tears we take it.
Cardboard should be flattened and tied into a bundle with tape or string, smaller pieces can be or placed into a recycling bag.
Confidential paper
Paper is shredded to UKSSA standards then recycled into tissue paper.
Empty tetra pak milk and juice cartons.
Plastic bottles
All types of empty plastic bottles, we don't accept yoghurt pots or food trays as they are a lower grade plastic.
Food waste
All types of cooked and uncooked foodstuffs. No large bones or large quantities of shells.
Mixed light bulbs
All types of low energy bulbs and fluorescent tubes. We provide special containers for light bulbs and tubes.
All types of battery except for car batteries. We provide special containers for batteries.
If it has a plug, an electric lead or a battery we can recycle it. Ask us about a special uplift.
Printer cartridges
We recycle all makes of printer and toner cartridges, cartridges should be collected in their original boxes or in a clear recycling bag.
Good quality office furniture suitable for reuse. No broken or heavily or heavily worn furniture. Ask us about a special uplift.
Wood and timber
All types of wood except for MDF.
Other recyclables
We are always looking to extend the range of materials we recycle and help our clients to increase their recycling rates. If you produce a material that isn't listed here ask us, we may be able to help!
General waste
Any non-recyclable material not listed here goes in your general waste.
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