Take the Change Waste Challenge

As Scotland’s leading waste management firm, we are always looking for more ways to benefit the environment – that’s why we’re calling on Scottish businesses to join us in our new Change Waste Challenge to eradicate 3 million kilos of waste by 2022.

Our research shows that most business waste contains 50% recyclable material, so if our clients collectively reduce their general waste by 50%, we’d eliminate 3 million kilos of waste annually!

Behaviours and perceptions about waste need to change so we can help combat the climate emergency. We all have a responsibility and we can all do more, and one of the most important places to start is with food. Reducing food waste and ensuring it is properly recycled will do more to prevent the threat of climate change than removing every single car from the road across the world!

Sign up to our #ChangeWasteChallenge and help us eradicate waste, recycle more and protect our planet. You’ll receive monthly emails with hints and tips to reduce the amount of recyclable material going into your general waste.

For further information follow the campaign hashtag or get in touch with our #ChangeWasteChallenge champions here at Changeworks Recycling.