Recycling made easy
Our carefully designed system makes recycling easy for you and your staff. Separate collections ensure the high quality of your recycling is maintained.

An effective recycling system must be really easy for your staff to use. That’s why our system is simple, using our collection system you’ll know exactly what can and can’t be recycled. The bins have clear written and graphic signage on each side to ensure that material is put into the right bin every time!

We also have a range of free posters and guides that are handy for making sure your employees know how to use the system. 

Many waste management companies advocate dry mixed recycling (DMR), this leads to poor quality recycling where minimal amounts of waste are actually reprocessed. Poor quality material is unlikely to be reprocessed in the UK. 

Separating your recycling by material type makes is easier to see how much of each material your business is generating. This information is valuable when looking at sustainable supply chain management. Our monthly carbon reports make it easy to see how much you’ve recycled and improvements in your recycling rates. You can recycle a wide range of materials with us.