How Edinburgh businesses can manage the new trade waste regulations

On the 30th September 2019, the City of Edinburgh Council is revoking permits for businesses to store their food and glass waste on public property. These new regulations follow on from the change in rules regarding the storage of general waste and recycling bins back in 2015.

But what does this mean for you and your business? Keep reading this blog to find out what will happen, what you can do to prepare and even how your business can benefit from it.

How businesses will be affected

The new regulations present major challenges for some of Edinburgh’s larger businesses. While the environmental benefits will be positive, making Edinburgh’s streets cleaner, safer and more pleasant to walk along, businesses will have to enact a lot of changes so that they comply with the new regulations.

Businesses that don’t adhere to the new rules will face fines, with those in the hospitality sector likely to be most affected as they produce such large amounts of food and glass waste, but often don’t have the facilities to store it internally.

The important thing is to be prepared. Here’s our advice on how to manage these upcoming changes:

Do your research

Finding a waste management partner that understands your business and can accommodate your schedule and waste management needs is essential. Partnership and problem solving are the two key factors in ensuring that your waste collection system works. 

Rab Ha’s, a busy bar in Glasgow’s city centre, struggled when these same regulations were issued in Glasgow back in 2018. They had no internal storage space for trade waste and had been storing it for disposal outside of the bar. However, by doing their research and working with us, they were able to identify areas within the bar where recycling points could be set up and successfully managed to cooperate with the new rules.

Move to internal collections

To avoid any potential fines, your business should switch to internal collections, which means all of your waste is stored and collected from within your premises.

Most business can take advantage of internal collections, but it might mean thinking about using smaller bins to hold your waste prior to collection as well as implementing more frequent collections. This can take a bit of planning, but we are experts in advising our customers about how they can take advantage of internal collections.

We helped Amber Regent, a busy Glasgow city centre restaurant, move to internal collections when the new legislation was introduced. All of their glass, food and general waste bins are now uplifted daily from within the restaurant’s bin store. This system is far easier and also means they have increased their recycling rate to over 90 percent - an incredible result!

Design a bespoke collection service

Rulings such as this one carry with them many restrictions and complexities for businesses. You need to ensure that your waste management company can work with you to develop a system that works best for you while still following the new regulations.

Bloc+, an independent live music bar and venue in the centre of Glasgow, is another business we worked with to design a bespoke waste management system. With limited internal storage space, we helped them go from having eight large outside bins to having smaller bins for food and glass that could be stored on their private land and an internal collection for the rest of their recycling. Their recycling rate was also boosted to 87% - a brilliant example of how working with what you have can produce great results.

Benefits of the new regulations

These new regulations will not only make Edinburgh a better place to work, visit and live in, they will also help to make your business more environmentally friendly. This can come with some substantial extra benefits, not least the cost savings that can be made from understanding your waste.

Corporate social responsibility is a huge attraction these days, whether you are looking to attract new talent or new customers to your business. By putting environmental awareness into action, your business can stand out from the crowd, increase the efficiency or your resources and do some serious cost-savings.

Looking for some help to make sure you adhere to the new legislation? We can help by designing a bespoke, sustainable waste management system – get in touch with us today.