Our guide to COP26

COP26 is under way in Glasgow, but what is it and why is this conference so important? COPS or Conference of Parties have been running since 1994 when the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was signed. This is the 26th COP to take place and building on the agreements made at COP21 it’s…

Recycling is easy for Bross Bagels

Key stats Location Edinburgh Market Sector Hospitality Recycling Rate 75% Bross Bagels wants to have minimal impact on the environment. Recycling its business waste is an important part of that commitment. “Our staff feel positive and motivated about being part of this environmental movement and Changeworks Recycling is a big part of that.” Bross Bagels…

Reducing paper waste at Paper Tiger

Key stats Location Edinburgh Business Sector Stationery Business Size 10 people Waste Reduction 95% Carbon Reduction (Estimated) 11% Cost Reduction 0 – 10% Since working with Changeworks Recycling, Paper Tiger has achieved an incredible 95% reduction in the amount of waste it is producing. “Thanks to Changeworks Recycling, we haven’t just reduced our waste, we…

Secure shredding unwrapped

Secure shredding is essential for virtually all types of business, from SMEs to large corporations. That’s because every business produces confidential waste – and if you want to fully protect data belonging to you, your customers and your employees, secure shredding is vital.

Your office recycling checklist

There’s so much information out there about recycling that it’s become very confusing for people and businesses to know what they can and cannot recycle. The amount of misinformation out there leads people to recycle wrongly or even not at all in an office setting – and that’s just not good enough!