Where does my recycling go?

What happens to your recycling?

If you’re one of our clients, you’ll know that you put your waste into different bins depending on what it is. So paper goes in the Paper bin, cardboard goes in the Cardboard bin, glass goes in the Glass bin, and so on and so forth. But what happens once you’ve done your bit and we’ve come and taken your various bags of waste away? This is a question we get asked quite a lot, so we thought we’d address it here.

First of all, it’s important to understand that because of the care you take in separating out all of your recyclable material, we are then able to make the most of the waste you produce, so instead of having to go to landfill or be sent to an Energy From Waste processing plant like mixed recycling does, the materials you use are able to be reused or reprocessed into other useful items.

Secondly, we only use reprocessing plants that are based in the UK, which means we support the Circular Economy. If we can use a local reprocessing plant, we will!

So what happens to your recycling?

Your drink cans and food tins are recycled by Hamilton Waste in East Lothian, where they are recycled back into sterile drinks cans and food tins that can be used and then recycled again.
Your paper and confidential paper is sent to Kimberly Clark in Wales to be turned into high quality toilet paper and tissue paper.
Your cardboard and tetra packs are processed by SAICA and SmurfitKappa in England, and made into corrugated cardboard, and cardboard containers.
Your plastic bottles are turned into plastic pellets by Jayplas in England, which can then be made into any number of other plastic items.
Your glass bottles and jars are sorted in Glasgow by Viridor which is then used in new container glass production and in fiberglass markets.
Your obsolete IT equipment is sent to LAMH Recycle in Motherwell, a thriving employability firm. IT equipment is either refurbished or recycled in accordance with SEPA regulations.
Your toner cartridges are refurbished and refilled by Infotone in England. Where this isn’t possible, they are recycled as plastic.
Your food waste goes to Keenan Recycling in Aberdeen to be processed into BSI PAS100 accredited compost that’s used in agriculture as an alternative to chemical fertilisers.
Your batteries are sent to G & P Batteries in England for reprocessing.
Your fluorescent tubes are recycled into the component parts by Mercury Recycling in England. 99% of a fluorescent tube can be recycled.
Your office furniture is refurbished or recycled by Sumo Waste in Glasgow.      

Closed loop recycling

All the recyclable waste you produce is recycled using the closed loop recycling principles. Closed loop recycling exists where a product is used, discarded, captured, and then the component materials recycled into a new product of similar functionality which can itself be used, discarded and captured, to be recycled again, continuously cycling the material resource though the supply chain.

Residual waste

What’s left? High quality recycling captures all the value from your waste. Residual waste that has any value will go to Energy from Waste plants instead of landfill.

If you have any questions about the types of waste we recycle or other types of waste that you produce then email us or call 0800 694 0158

Where does my recycling go?

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