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New Trade Waste Rules in Glasgow

There are new trade waste rules in Glasgow, Sales Manager Katy Murdoch gives an overview of how your business could be effected. 

We are talking to hundreds of businesses in Glasgow every week and finding that owners, managers and staff are unaware, or at least confused, about the imminent changes to trade waste rules. I don’t envy the council having to get the messaging out to the 30,000+ businesses in Glasgow city centre by April, so in a bid to help I’m laying it out clearly here.

What you need to know:

From 1st April 2018, businesses in Glasgow city centre will no longer be able to store their bins on the street. This means that if you if you have a G1 or G2 postcode you will need to store your waste in or on your premises. Businesses that don’t comply could face fines of up to £1000. My money is on the council strongly enforcing this – from my meetings with them it is clear the team there are taking this seriously.

What are you meant to do with your waste?

You will need to find somewhere inside or on your land to store your waste. A store cupboard for bags perhaps? Or if you are lucky enough to have the space, building a bin store outside would be a great option.

What are the new rules?

Under the new rules you will be able to put your waste and recycling on the street for collection during a pre-arranged, one-hour slot. Bags and bins will need to all be labelled up with business details. The easier alternative is to get us to collect from inside your premises to save you the hassle of all that labelling. At Changeworks Recycling, we do internal collections as many business owners don’t want unsightly waste lying on the street outside their shop, restaurant or office. Oh, and you might get fined if your waste is on the street outside of your one-hour slot – I don’t know anyone in business who wants to spend time checking that their waste collection has happened! Internal collections save you a great deal of time and effort.

Concerns and solutions

A significant number of business owners are voicing concerns to me about the new trade waste rules – worried that they have no space inside to store waste or that that their waste collection costs are going to go up. I want to reassure you that our frequent internal collections offer a convenient solution. More importantly there are also resource efficiency gains to be had. By storing waste inside, businesses are forced to get a handle on their waste arisings, leading to stronger management and waste reduction. It can also lead to better quality recycling as businesses are encouraged to separate food better if they want to avoid it lying about with other recycling or waste inside. We know that better recycling reduces your waste, carbon and costs.

Not in the city centre?

This project is going to be phased out to different areas of the city over the coming 18months – see the map below for dates you need to be compliant by.

Map showing areas for the roll out of new trade waste rules

Map showing areas for the roll out of new trade waste rules

Did you know?

Edinburgh businesses have had the same rules since 2015 although some hospitality businesses can get exemptions to have their food and glass bin on the street at the moment. I can see this changing – they won’t want Glasgow to be cleaner and tidier now would they!
I do think the new changes are a good thing for Glasgow. Our Dear Green Place is going to look better for a start. I’m hoping for a boost to Glasgow tourism – imagine all our lanes clear of bins and full of bustling businesses; multiple Ashton Lanes right in the city centre. Combine that with better quality recycling and that’s a really good news story.

What some more info or for a free system design and quote please do not hesitate to get in touch. I’d be happy to advise.

Katy Murdoch, Sales Manager

You can call Katy on 07584 258317 or email her

For further information visit the Glasgow City Centre Strategy website. 


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